Jeez World Introduces Jobjeez

Emojis have revolutionized communication for the generations born with the Internet. They allow users to add subtext, emotion, intent and humor using text, making communication faster, easier and more efficient for billions around the world. So what would it look like if our pictographic emotions had a job?

A Jobjee is an emoji with a job, minted as an NFT on the Cardano network. 24 emojis, 10 jobs, 20 hand items, 9 accessories and 9 backgrounds combine to create 10000 completely unique Jobjeez. We believe all Jobjeez are equal, but some attributes are just harder to find in Jeez World. 

Can you find the Jobjee that best represents you and the people you love? Can you create a name and a backstory of your favorite Jobjee?   

You can collect, trade, use in derivative art, use on your profile or print out on merchandize. We are not here to tell you what to do with your Jobjee, we are here to bring you the most "hard" working emojis ever created!

Emoji Coins

Cardano is a real world protocol aiming for real world use and adoption, and the real world is filled with emotions and subtext. With Emoji Coins you can now add the expressiveness directly into your transaction, whether you are happy and in love paying for your wedding or angry when you are paying your divorce settlement. Emoji Coins bring 1000 words to your transactions. 

Every time you mint a Jobjee you will also be minting an amount of corresponding Emoji Coins.



























  • 25%

    Santeez are confirmed!

    On Christmas day, Santeez will be airdroped to homeless Jobjeez hodlers

    30 full collection Emoji coins* to the 30 most active Discord members.

    *full collections contain 100 of each Emoji Coin Including the Legendary "Jobjeezed".

  • 50%

    Leprechauneez are confirmed!

    On St. Patrick's day, Leprechauneez will be airdroped to priests Jobjeez hodlers

    Top 3 Story times In Discord get 1 FREE Jobjee.

    Jobjeez register in

  • 75%

    Valentineez are confirmed!

    On Valentines day, Valentineez will be airdroped to Infatuated Jobjeez hodlers + (Surprise for Valentineez hodlers)

    Discord Invites rewards for our best promoters:
     - First Place : 500 ADA
     - Second Place : 200 ADA
     - 3rd-5th Place: 100 ADA

  • 100%

    Jeez World 2nd & 3rd confirmed!

    Priority and exclusive access to Jobjeez hodlers.

    Details and hints of these projects will be gradually rolled out in the weeks following this milestone.

  • Be Part


     Our Story!


A Jobjee is a working Emoji, it lives and works on the Cardano network and you can keep it in your wallet next to all your other freaky friends!

All Jobjeez are 100% unique but some attributes are more rare than others. 

No, when you mint a Jobjee, it is created for the first time on the Cardano blockchain. Our systems are build and configured to mint a precise amount of assets and after that will not mint or burn anything, as such all sales are final.

Refunds (minus transaction fees) will be issued automatically only if you: A) send an invalid transaction or B) attempt to mint a Jobjee after they are sold out.

In all situations where the Jobjee and Emoji Coins have been delivered, the sale is final and no refunds will be available.

When the drop starts, you will be able to mint your own Jobjee by participating in the minting process.

You will have to send exactly 40 ADA to the address provided and in return you will get:
- 1 Jobjee NFT
- * Corresponding Emoji Coins
- 2 ADA

*see FAQ: "How many Emoji coins will I mint?"

WARNING: Do not send ADA from an exchange! If you do, your assets will be lost for ever!

Absolutely not!

The NFT market is very young and volatile, we do not condone or promote our products as an investment vehicle.

The only guaranties we are giving are about the uniqueness of the Jobjeez NFT's and the defined supply of Emoji Coins.

These are fun collectibles meant to be used by people to have fun. and "Jeez World Limited" do not make any promises regarding expanding product line and promotional events. At this moment, our only concern is to deliver the best possible Jobjeez experience, as we envisioned months ago. The Jeez World IP is one we would be excited to expand in the future and if and when something like that happens, owners of the original Jobjeez NFT's can expect special privilege's and/or airdrops.

For each Jobjee you mint you will also be minting an amount of coresponding emoji coins. The amount of Coins will depent on the amount of Jobjeez already minted.

First 2000 Jobjeez -> 10000 Emoji coins
Jobjeez 2000-5000 -> 5000 Emoji coins
Jobjeez 5000-8000 -> 2500 Emoji coins
Jobjeez 8000-10000-> 1000 Emoji coins

Jobjeez NFT's and Emoji coins will be using the same time-locked minting policy!

Jobjeez and Emoji Coins use the same time locked policy
Policy ID : 5d09d0f4780d0db13ba0c9d97840dce6456768655fb9c41636130bf9
{ "type": "all", "scripts": [ { "type": "sig", "keyHash": "b31a2d7dd1af1a0451fb7c93f5e539ccff29b5e64fc557f5dd61630c" }, { "type": "before", "slot": 58181771 } ] }

Meet our awesome Team


Backend and Blockchain operations 

Studied Electrical and  Computer Engineering , worked on military communication systems, DevOps and cloud solutions! He now operates the BSP Staking pool

He joins the team to create our minting systems and backend API's.


Website design and development 

Studied Computer Engineering. Worked at IBM- Groningen, The Netherlands and currently working in Game industry using Unity.

 Giannis joins the team by managing the website for our first Jobjeez drop.


Design and Illustration 

Studied Biology. Experienced in face-to-face and Internet marketing. Lia is a Jack of all trades!

She joins the Jobjeez team to create all the assets that will build your unique Jobjeez.


Design and Illustration 

Studied Graphic designer,
Rock Music and ART have always been her passion since childhood.

She joins the Jobjeez team to bring all her illustration experience and skills, while creating all the assets that will  come together to create your unique Jobjeez.